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About Goons io

Goons io, a multiplayer combat-based.io game that allows you to compete against other players in an arena and try to eliminate them with your weapon, is a great multiplayer combat.io game. You can select your username and skin before you begin fighting. Different characters have different weapons, so pick one you like! You can choose from Samurai Swords or long swords such as Maces, Axes, Maces, and Axes.

After you've chosen your character, you can enter the arena to start fighting! Move and control your character using your mouse. Use the space bar to direct your character and click left to swing your weapon. You can kill your opponent with just one hit, but you can also get killed in one hit. To increase your score and lengthen your weapon's reach, collect the colored jellies scattered on the ground. You can use your dash ability to either move in for the kill, or escape danger. Do you have the skills to wield your weapon?

Goons io is a 2D battleground game that was pretty much identical to every other (.io). It was supposed to be about hacking and cutting past many enemies to try to become the top player on the board. ...unfortunately, this isn't that endless dopamine-triggering addiction your brain was wanting... .

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